How to Transition a Toddler to a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI

A major rite of passage for a toddler is transitioning from a crib to a regular bed. Most kids make this change when they are about two years old. While some children are excited, others may struggle letting go of their crib. These tips will make the transition easier.

Go Shopping Together

If a toddler is showing resistance about to switching to a big kid bed, then let them have a say in selecting their new bed. Take them shopping for a new Twin Bed in Green Bay WI. Let them choose the style of bed they like the most.

Giving a toddler a say in their new bed will make the transition easier. Shopping for a regular bed should be a fun experience, and the toddler should be allowed a reasonable amount of control over the situation. When a child chooses their bed, they will be more willing to sleep in it.

Placement Is Key

Don’t just place the new bed in any location. Consistency is key during this transition. Try to place the new bed in the same location as the child’s crib. This will provide the toddler with a sense of security and familiarity.

It may even be beneficial to let the toddler help decorate their new Twin Bed in Green Bay WI. Let them select their own sheets and pillows. Placing their favourite stuffed animals on their bed may also reduce their fear of sleeping in a bigger bed.

Make Them Feel Safe

A regular bed may seem scary to a toddler. It’s very important to make sure they feel as safe as possible in their new bed. Consider adding guards or rails around the sides of the mattress to help the child feel more secure.

Many kids have a subtle fear of the dark. Moving them to a larger bed may amplify this fear. Parents can calm fearful children by adding nightlights or a white noise machine to the room. Other children may latch on to a comfort item, such as a security blanket.

When it comes time to move a toddler to a regular bed, take a few steps to make the transition go smoothly. has a wide selection of toddler beds that are perfect during this transitional stage. Your child will look forward to sleeping in a big kid bed in no time at all.

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