How to Safely Move Pianos and Organs to A New Location

Moving a large piano or pipe organ from one location to another is a potentially dangerous episode for one of your largest investments. When moving Kawai digital pianos in Florida, it is better to take professional and expert advice how to complete this task efficiently and effectively.

The Music Shop or Expert Removal Services?

One of your best options will be to discuss your requirements with the establishment where you originally purchased the piano. They will understand how Kawai digital pianos in Florida should be moved from one location to the other.

No doubt, if they are a long-established company, they will have moved a wide variety of pianos and organs from one place to another over the years. They will have learned the tips and tricks required to make this a successful journey.

You may turn to your local removal service and ask how they would move Kawai digital pianos in Florida. You will need to know if they carry out the removal and relocation of these expensive investments regularly so that you can understand their skill levels and expertise.

By asking carefully thought through questions, you will be able to find out how their employees are trained and to check whether they have been accredited with moving luxury instruments as part of their processes.

How they store the piano as they move it from one location to your church or from your church to elsewhere is important to know and understand.
In both circumstances, you will need to guarantee your piano or church organ are fully insured throughout the entire process. Your insurance company may request certain professionals to carry out the task for you.

You may need to point out how sensitive the equipment is and how it must be covered throughout the entire move to protect it from the elements.
Before asking for a quote, a picture of the piano may help the removers understand the work they are to undertake. They will need to know if stairs are involved and whether there are going to be any issues associated to access to the premises at either end of the move.

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