How to Pick Out the Weathervane of Your Dreams for Your Residence

Is the cupola on your home looking kind of bare? If so, you should really think about getting a weathervane. This could be the finishing touch that your home is missing. Read the following tips to learn how to pick out the right model to accent your home’s look.

Know Your Cupola

Before you can start shopping for a weathervane, you need to take some time to examine your cupola. To get an accurate measurement, you should start by measuring the roof line. Try to match one inch of cupola width to every foot measured in the roof line. This will tell you the ideal size of your cupola. From this measurement, you can start looking for a suitable addition.

Other Sizing Issues

You need to take a few more steps to pick the right vane size. Most of the ones you find on the market are sized from 20-inches up to four-feet. This gives you a lot of options to choose the size that will look best. Generally, you should plan on buying a vane that is equal in size to the cupola’s base. This will likely produce the most aesthetic look. However, you are perfectly free to choose any size that you see fit. Feel free to be creative and choose a larger size than necessary. Try to make your cupola stand out as much as possible.

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