How to Know Which Health Supplements are Right for You

There are millions of health supplements on the market today. With so many items boasting their nutritional and medical benefits, it can be difficult to select the right supplements for yourself and your family. Here are some tips on doing exactly that – and knowing where to shop!

First Stop: your Physician

As with any dietary change, you should always consult your primary care physician before beginning something new. If you have access to the services of a nutritionist, this can also be very helpful. The primary question you’ll want to ask is what you need, nutritionally.

Some of the factors to determine what supplement you might need will include:

  • Age

  • Current diet

  • Physical condition

  • Medical issues

  • Family medical history

  • Helth and wellness goals

All of these factors will help you and your doctor choose what to add or exclude from your diet to get the biggest benefit.

Watch for Warnings

Just as knowing what you need is important in choosing supplements, so is knowing what warnings are present for each of those supplements. Some drugs interact dangerously with health supplements. Other vitamins and minerals can negatively impact your health in large amounts or if you have certain health problems. Knowing what you can and cannot will help you further narrow down which supplements are right for you.

Where to Buy

When shopping for your supplements, it can pay to shop with a knowledgeable merchant. Many big-box stores offer supplements, but these can be of inferior quality or have a very limited selection. When you’re looking for the best – and who isn’t, when it comes to hat you put into your body? – you need to consult an expert.

Salt Lake City is home to some great health food and natural product retailers, offering organic foods, beauty products, health supplements and more. There’s no need to travel out of town to get the healthy products you and your loved ones need. Stop by your local store or browse online with a specialty retailer today and start living the healthier life you deserve.

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