How to Know that You May Require a Root Canal to Save Your Tooth

When a tooth is decaying it will start to destroy the gums around the tooth. If the decaying tooth is ignored this can eventually lead to the tooth being extracted from the mouth. A decaying tooth can result in the adjunct teeth being damaged by the infection from the main tooth. When the root of a tooth is infected by bacteria the primary way to treat the tooth is with root canal treatment in Saskatoon. This procedure is when a dentist will remove the diseased pulp from the tooth and bacteria is cleaned out of the root before sealing the tooth back off to retain the natural tooth.

Signs of an Infected Root

  • You experience severe pain that makes it difficult to talk, eat, or drink.
  • A root canal treatment in Saskatoon is required when your face or neck starts swelling due to the infection.
  • The color of the tooth starts to change to a more decayed or darker color.
  • You are unable to chew food properly due to the discomfort felt while eating.
  • Lesions or boils form on the gum tissue where the infection will drain from your mouth as it increases.

Save Your Tooth and Eliminate Pain

If you have an infected tooth and want to learn if a root canal is the right treatment for you. You should consult the professional team at Preston Dental Centre to learn if you are the ideal candidate for the treatment. Their friendly team of dentist places your comfort and oral health as their top priority in providing you with high-quality dental services. They can determine if a root canal is the right option to help save your tooth from further damage and rid yourself of any discomfort felt by the infected too.

Visit Preston Dental Centre to know more about root canal treatment in Saskatoon.

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