How to Know if You Need Boat Docks Repair?

Recreational boating is a billion dollar industry. Every year, boaters spend money buying watercraft or buying watercraft accessories. If you are one of those lucky boaters that live near the water, you may have your residential dock.

However, owning your dock isn’t always peachy. There are times that it can undergo damage from inclement weather or it can just start to age. You may be considering looking up boat docks repair in 83611, but you just aren’t sure if your dock needs it quite yet.

Here are 3 things that mean you are probably ready for Inland Marine to do some boat dock repair for your waterfront property located in the 83611 area.

1 Cracked/Warped Wood

A lot of property owners will choose to have a wooden dock because it is more aesthetically appealing than a concrete slip. While it has more appeal, wooden docks can age a little quicker than other tips of docks.

The wood of your dock spends years in the water. This constant saturation will eventually lead to warping and bending. While good maintenance practices can keep the wood in good shape longer, it will eventually need repair. You want to call in the boat dock repair experts before the cracking becomes major because once that happens, you may not be able to salvage it.

2 Rotting Wood

Water and wood…well, let’s just say they aren’t the best of friends. Wood that is constantly getting wet (or is submerged) can start to rot. If you pay attention and keep up with your routine maintenance, you can sand off any areas that are showing the tell-tale signs. Old wood can’t always be replaced with new wood depending on how severe the rotting problem gets. Some dock owners opt to switch out the wooden dock for aluminum to avoid the wood rotting problem altogether.

3 Rust

Wood isn’t the only dock material that doesn’t love water. Metal dock parts can become rusted after years of contact with the water and elements. If you use parts that are galvanized, it will help cut down on the rust factor.

At Inland Marine LLC, our technicians are experts in boat docks repair. They are happy to serve boat enthusiasts in the 83611 area. If you are noticing some of the signs listed above, it may be time to call in the experts before your dock starts preventing you from getting out on the water.

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