How to Install a Driveway Made of Crushed Limestone in Austin, TX

The use of crushed limestone in Austin, TX residential driveways has been growing in popularity in recent years with good reason. This affordable solution allows easy access to the home and is far more affordable than laying asphalt or concrete. Plus, it’s easy enough to install a crushed limestone driveway that homeowners are often capable of performing the work themselves instead of having to hire contractors.

Adequate Planning

First, plan out where the driveway will go, ensuring that it is at least 10 to 12 feet in width. Homeowners who want to accommodate two vehicles should plan for 20 feet. The driveway should also be at least 18 to 20 feet long to accommodate larger vehicles.

Remove the Topsoil

The topsoil should be removed from the area to a depth of at least 12 inches and placed elsewhere on the property for use in landscaping or gardening. Once the soil has been removed, the base should be smoothed down and packed into place. Don’t forget to incorporate a slight slope so that water will drain away from the house or garage.

Install the First Layer

Once the base is completely flat, it should be covered with a weed barrier fabric. This fabric should then be covered in a four to five-inch layer of #1 or #2 crushed limestone in Austin, TX. These larger stones will provide a firm base for the smaller pebbles that will comprise the top layer and should be worked into position before to moving forward.

Install the Middle and Top Layers

Use #5-7 stone for the middle layer and be sure that it is at least four inches thick. This layer of stone should also be packed into place, after which the final layer of #8 limestone can be installed. When laying down the final layer, be sure to incorporate a crown along the driveway’s length that is higher than the sides to allow for proper drainage.

Important Tips

It’s worth renting a backhoe or skid-loader to install crushed limestone in Austin, TX, as it will save a lot of work. It’s also important to let the company delivering the stone know the width and length of the driveway so that they can deliver an appropriate amount of each grade of stone. Contact Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC to get started.

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