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How To Have More Energy – Legally

At one time, you could buy candy like tablets sold under names like “Dextrose”? These were basically glucose tablets with added fruity flavoring and the wrapper claimed that eating them gave you extra energy and you would do better in strenuous sports. (They could write almost anything on product labels back then). Since glucose is a sugar, it is true that glucose is a source of energy in our diet but whether taking additional glucose actually gave you a sudden burst of energy was questionable.

The fad for glucose tablets faded away and today’s sporting types swear by their famous brand name energy drinks. Most of these contain caffeine along with sugar or other sweeteners, herbal extracts like ginseng and amino acids. Some are even available in concentrated form to be swallowed in one go (or shot). Energy drinks like “Cocaine” and “Blow” have even used marketing methods that hint that their products are the legal alternative to street drugs. These brands have got into serious trouble with the FDA.

Energy drinks usually cause little harm when drunk in moderation. They do quench a sporting thirst but they might possibly lead to dehydration Again it is debatable whether or not they actually give you that added burst of energy. However, it should be noted that incidents (including death) have been linked to commercially available stimulant based energy drinks and the whole subject is still under study in many countries.

How About An Energy Pill?

With controversy over the effectiveness and possible safety of so many of the energy products that are drunk or chewed, would Over The Counter Energy Pills be a better and more controllable way to obtain an energy boost whenever we felt the need for one? Actually, such pills are now available and do not require a doctor’s prescription.

What Energy Do You Want?

Do you want energy to play five sets of competitive tennis or, do you want to be able to stay awake and “party” all night or longer? In the first case, energy products might help you but, for the second example, you are getting close to illegal grey areas.

However, if all you need is to stay awake a little longer and get into your studies or, you are finding that you often feel lethargic and lack the energy for your day’s work; then, Over The Counter Energy Pills may well be the perfect legal solution. Usually, these do not contain caffeine and rely only on natural ingredients for their efficacy.

Addrena tablets are perfectly legal Over The Counter Energy Pills that can be purchased on line from the Addrena, LLC. They are ideal for energy, focus and even fat loss.

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