How to Establish Your Brand with An Explainer Video

If you are bringing a new product to the market, then you should prepare to put in a lot of work. You have to garner attention for this product and attract customers. When starting a new company, you have to explain what you do and how you are different from other companies. You cannot expect potential customers to sit through a long presentation. Read on to find out how to establish your brand with an explainer video.

Create Public Awareness

A whiteboard video maker is one of the ways to create awareness for a new product. It is a video style where the author physically draws and tells a story. This medium records an illustrated story using marker pens and a whiteboard. You can use a whiteboard video maker to create an explainer video.

Keep It Short

Your audience has a short attention span. The explainer video should be from 60 to 90 seconds, which will force you to focus on the key points. Your key points may include your value proposition, what problem you want to solve, and your unique selling position.

Reveal Your Culture

If you are a new company, then your audience is not familiar with your products. Whiteboard allows you to tell your story using scripts, characters, music, and images. It gives a snapshot of the culture surrounding your brand. Now your audience can get a sense of who you are.

The purpose of an explainer video is to pique the interest of your audience and get them to ask for more information. Contact The Draw Shop to start creating videos for your company.

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