How to Decide Between Investing in New Tools or Tool Repair in Pasadena, TX

High-quality power tools constitute a serious investment for many consumers, so it’s essential that they treat them as such. Providing tools with adequate maintenance can often go a long way toward prolonging their lifespan; however, chances are, eventually something will break and tool owners will be faced with an important decision: repair, or replace? Often with the help of Tool Repair in Pasadena, TX residents can restore their tools to functional condition and save money in the long run.

The 50 Percent Rule

Most professionals follow what’s known within the industry as the 50 percent rule when it comes to deciding between repairing a damaged tool and replacing it. If the repair costs more than 50 percent of the cost of replacing the tool, most experts agree that it’s not worth making. Instead, purchase a new tool and be sure to provide it with all of the maintenance it requires to avoid the need for future repairs.

General Age

If a power tool is already quite old and it breaks, there’s far more of a chance that additional problems will continue to come up and more repairs will soon be necessary. Older tools should almost always be replaced rather than repaired, not just because of the likelihood of further issues, but also because there’s a good chance that a newer model will have better design features or will operate more efficiently.

General Wear

Even if a tool isn’t particularly old, it might be getting worn out if it’s been used extensively on a daily basis. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep track of how many hours, or how many days, a power tool has been in use. If nothing else, the knowledge that the tool’s user has gotten his or her money’s worth can go a long way toward providing some consolation regarding the cost of replacing it.

Learn More Today

Repairing power tools can be quite a complicated affair, so when they’re looking for Tool Repair Pasadena TX residents should always entrust a qualified professional with providing them. Mainland Tools & Supply in Pasadena TX has a well-deserved reputation for excellence when it comes to providing repairs. Users can click here to learn more about their services today.

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