How to Choose Crystal Bobeches for Chandeliers

A chandelier is an excellent piece of art that can also be the focal point of a room. Elaborate ones can be a conversation starter, but the ultimate goal is to bring forth light and create a particular mood or ambiance. Crystal bobeches for chandeliers are an important piece of the puzzle, but many people aren’t sure what they are or why they’re needed.

What’s a Bobeche?

A bobeche is a disk that is sometimes made of metal or glass. They usually have one small hole in the center. In the past, the chandelier held candles because incandescent light bulbs weren’t invented. The bobeche caught the wax drippings so that it didn’t fall on the table or floor underneath the chandelier.

Why They’re Still Used

Most homeowners and commercial property owners aren’t going to use candles to light homes and businesses. It’s a fire hazard that most insurance companies would never allow. Along with such, candlelight isn’t the best to see and perform routine tasks, such as cooking or using a computer. While it can be nice for romantic evenings, you need a light system that can work in a variety of situations.

Since candles aren’t used in chandeliers, you might be wondering why bobeches are still necessary. Even though they don’t catch anything, they’re still an integral part of the chandelier itself. It makes the chandelier look more conventional or traditional, which is why many people prefer chandeliers to begin with.

Along with such, you can hang crystals from the bobeche to change its appearance and help create the lighting effect you desire.

The bobeche itself also helps to catch color spectrums from the light, which illuminates the space more effectively. You can find a variety of cuts, shapes, and styles of crystal bobeches for chandeliers, ensuring that you can be as creative as you desire. Visit Ank Bead And Crystal for more information.

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