Texas residents who are ready to become parents, biologically should review the benefits of in vitro fertilization. The process is safe and has been proven effective in aiding couples in conceiving a child. in vitro in Fresno CA is performed by a doctor of the patient’s choice after the underlying cause of infertility is discovered.

The First Steps
To begin the process, the prospective mother is given a round of fertility medications to enhance their ability to produce eggs. Next, doctors conduct blood testing and evaluate their woman’s ovaries. These evaluations determine if the medications are helping the woman to produce a larger quantity of eggs needed for fertilization.

Retrieving the Samples
The eggs are retrieved from the mother via a hollow needle inserted into the pelvic cavity. The doctor utilizes an ultrasound to conduct the retrieval safely. Several samples are retrieved during this process to increase the probability of successful conception. After the eggs are acquired, the doctor obtains samples from the father. The doctor must evaluate the samples to determine if they are viable.

Starting the Fertilization Process
The eggs are fertilized and monitored in a controlled environment. During the insemination process, the doctor could utilize intracytoplasmic samples from the father to introduce directly into the eggs. This could increase the odds of conception. After an embryo is produced, the doctor implants the fertilized egg into the mother’s uterus. The process takes up to five days to complete.

Potential Side Effects
In most cases In Vitro in Fresno CA is painless for the mother. However, in some cases, cramping and mild discomfort have been reported. The mother could also experience constipation, bloating, and tenderness. These side efforts when reported have been mild and not life threatening.

Women who have been unsuccessful in conceiving a child could undergo in vitro fertilization. The process produces little to no pain and is performed in a controlled clinical environment. The fertility doctors review each case to determine if this option is the most effective option. To learn more about this process and alternative measures, contact Laurel Fertility Care now for more information.

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