How Does an Exterminator Use Dogs and Heat to Get Rid of Bedbugs?

The first step in getting rid of bedbugs is to determine their location. In a K9 inspection, a bedbug exterminator in Vancouver will use a specially trained and certified dog to find the bedbugs, and the dog’s training enables him to search the average hotel room in under two minutes. It can find bedbugs during any stage of their development, from eggs to adults. The dog’s handler is a trained technician who will perform a visual inspection. Between the two of them, they can determine the presence of bedbugs.

What are bedbugs?
Bedbugs are small brown insects with flat bodies that feed on the blood of people and animals. As their name suggests, they often live in mattresses, bed frames, headboards or box springs. Bedbugs are largely nocturnal and drink the blood from sleeping humans. The resulting bites can cause itchy welts similar to those of a mosquito bite.

Signs of a bedbug infestation can include the following:

• Bloodstains on pillowcases or sheets
• Musty and unpleasant odor
• Rusty or dark spots of bedbug excrement on bedclothes, mattresses or walls
• Eggshells, shed skins or dark spots in bedbugs’ hiding places

Bedbugs can be extremely hard to get rid of, so anybody who suspects they have an infestation should call an exterminator.

How does the heat treatment work?
An experienced bedbug exterminator in Vancouver will use a heat treatment to kill the bedbugs. Bedbugs are attracted to heat, which they associate with people and animals.

The exterminator will arrive in a special trailer that generates the heat. The trailer is attached to a portable electric heater and other equipment. They will place the heater in the most severely infested spot and use a fan to spread the heat throughout the room. A computer will monitor the process and control the temperature. A typical treatment takes six to eight hours, and most clients need only one. Since the exterminator does not use chemicals, clients may return to their building right after the completion of the treatment.

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