How a Family Law Attorney Can Help With Getting a Fair Child Support Ruling?

If you are not with your spouse and you have children, then you may have to pay child support. Child support payments are determined from your earnings. If you are an entertainer, then a judge may assume you have multiple streams of income. Read on to find out how a firm specializing in family law in Rockford, IL, can help with getting a fair ruling on child support.

Talk to a Lawyer

In some professions, income isn’t always consistent. For example, a basketball player’s salary is based on endorsements and a contract with a team. After a basketball player retires, earned income can fall significantly because the player is not under contract. If a basketball player gets a child support ruling while under contract, then the payments may be too much when he or she is no longer playing. Our attorneys specialize in family law in Rockford, IL, and can help you get your child support payments adjusted.

Hire a Financial Expert

Having experienced attorneys are valuable when you’re going through a case that involves child support. They usually work with a team of experts and consultants. These experts can speak on the defendant’s behalf on different aspects of your case. If you want to show how your income has changed, then your lawyer can help you find a financial expert.

Provide Evidence of Income Changes

A judge has the power to change an existing child support order and make payments lower than the state requirements. However, you must provide evidence of a change in income and living expenses. Evidence may include proof of income, the birth of other children or medical records for a disability.

The point of child support is for the child to enjoy a standard of living that is equivalent to living with both parents. If you want to convince the judge to lower your child support, then you need to talk to our attorneys at The Crosby Law Firm.

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