Hit and Run Accident Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD Explains Importance of Acting Fast

There are laws against leaving the scene of an auto accident in all 50 states. However, people continue to do this each day. Those that have been victim to a hit and run can feel hopeless. After all, they don’t know who did it, so how are they supposed to collect any compensation for the damage to their vehicle or to offset their medical costs. Turn to an experienced hit and run accident attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD and learn how the situation isn’t as dire as it seems. They will explain how there are other avenues for pursuing a settlement. Here is why it is important to make the call as soon as possible after an accident when the liable party leaves the scene.

The Evidence Is Time Sensitive

Many times, collisions occur in areas that are under surveillance. It is common to review the security footage and identify the person that fled the scene. This type of footage is usually available for a short window of time. The owner of the cameras will normally only have the data for 30 days or less.

Damages Start to Add Up

The sooner a person contacts an attorney, the sooner they can secure compensation for the damages. They will work with the local authorities to locate the liable party and file suit against them. In some cases, if that doesn’t work, they end up having to go through your insurance provider. The sooner one speaks with an attorney and gets the ball rolling, the sooner they can regain financial footing. The bills for getting an automobile repaired as well as those from doctors will start to roll in rather quickly.

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

In situations where there is a hit and run, uninsured motorist coverage can apply. It is important to realize that an insurance adjuster has a goal that is in direct opposition to the person filing the claim. This is why hiring a hit and run accident attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD will prevent critical mistakes along the way. For example, giving a recorded statement before reaching maximum medical improvement.

Those that have been involved in a hit and run and are not sure where to turn can call on The Valente Law Group. The firm has helped accident victims piece their lives back together with over 35 years’ combined experience. Visit Johnvalenteattorney.com to schedule a consultation.

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