Hiring Representation to Get Back Your License

Having your license suspended because of drug or alcohol use or reckless driving can seriously disrupt your life. You may find yourself having to take public transportation to and from work or school. You also may have to bum rides from friends and family members during times when the buses and trains in your city do not run.

When you have completed your court-ordered sentence and would like your license to be reinstated, you might wonder how to navigate the legal process of requesting it from the judge. By hiring a lawyer to represent you at administrative hearings, Chicago defendants like you can make a solid argument and show the court you have reformed your driving behavior.

When you are ordered to appear at administrative hearings, Chicago suspended drivers like you may find the idea of going before a judge in court to be daunting. You have to convince the judge that you deserve to have your license reinstated. However, you may have no idea what kind of proof the judge needs to make his or her decision.

A lawyer who specializes in this area of law can gather the evidence the court needs to render a fair decision. For example, the judge may require proof that you completed your court-ordered drug or alcohol rehabilitation classes or counseling. Your lawyer can get the certificate of completion from the therapist or substance abuse rehab center and file it with the court well before your scheduled hearing.

Likewise, the judge may require you to pay a fine in order to make restitution with the city, county, or state. If you have paid this fine, you may need to present a receipt from the administrative division. Your lawyer can make sure that receipt is on file and that the judge takes note of it in your case.

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