Here Are Some Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating for Your Surfaces

Asphalt is one of the longest-used building materials. It was first used to build roads in ancient Babylon in 625 BC. Today, you cannot drive a car without using roads and highways, driveways and public spaces that utilize this marvelous, versatile and ancient substance.

If your home or business includes asphalt in its construction, you may have given thought to getting asphalt sealcoating in Broward County, FL. If so, you should understand that there are many benefits that this preventative maintenance treatment has to offer, all of which make it a worthwhile investment.

What it is
Sealcoating, as the name implies, seals small cracks in asphalt to prevent water damage and keep small cracks from widening. The rich black of the coating makes your asphalt look fresh and new.

Resilience and Visibility
Sealcoating makes asphalt stronger and more durable. It hides cracks and rough patches while making traffic lines more visible. It leaves the surface of the pavement smoother and easier to sweep. This can help keep it cleaner for the sake of both aesthetic appearances and general maintenance, as dirt and debris that accumulate on the surface can harm the asphalt and cause cracks.

Sealcoating makes asphalt more waterproof. It helps direct the Florida rains off the pavement, washing dirt away in the process. It also renders the surface less vulnerable to the sun, becoming more pliable in the heat and thus less likely to break from traffic stress. By filling surface voids, sealcoating blocks water, UV rays and chemical spills from penetrating too deeply.

Sealcoating is highly cost-effective. This preventative maintenance measure only costs pennies per square inch, whereas restoration or replacement can cost dollars per square inch. It also tends to be stable in price, whereas asphalt prices fluctuate with that of oil.

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