Health Tips from a Compassionate Children’s Primary Care Doctor in El Cajon

All children are precious, so it only seems right that parents worry when they become sick. Choosing a doctor who will care for your little bundles of joy is an essential task that should not be taken lightly. Take time to consider these easy and practical health tips from a compassionate children’s primary care doctor in El Cajon.

Teach Kids Basic Hygiene & Illness Prevention Techniques

Younger kids are often grouped together in daycare, at school, at dance or karate classes, birthday parties, social outings and various sports team endeavors. When the flu or other illnesses are making the rounds, kids often become sick and pass it on to others in a short period of time. Teach your kids the importance of practicing good hygiene. This includes regular showers/baths, turning away from people when coughing, sneezing into an elbow and of course handwashing frequently.

Keep Sick Children Home Until Symptoms Disappear

Some viral illnesses are highly contagious. Usually, a person begins shedding germs even before they start to have common symptoms. A child may begin to sniffle a little or develop a fever but will state that they feel fine. Always follow your gut and listen to what the doctor says regarding how soon kids can return to social settings. Having a primary care doctor from El Cajon on speed-dial can give parents peace-of-mind.

Choose a Doctor Experienced With Kids

Select a primary care doctor with lots of experience with kids. Contact Children’s Physicians Medical Group at

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