Health Benefits of Having House Plants Indoors

There will include real health benefits, psychological and physiological alike, to having plants inside your home. Here will include the more notable.

Increased Happiness

Studies have proven that the presence of plants produces decreased anxiety and stress, increased calm feelings, marked improvement in self-esteem and mood and increased feelings of control and optimism.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Research done in hospitals showed that individuals that have plants inside their rooms had reduced heart rates and blood pressure than individuals whose rooms didn’t have plants.

Quicker Recovery from Illness

Individuals in hospital rooms that have plants recover quicker and, on average, usually are released from the hospital earlier than those in rooms that don’t have plants.

Negating Cigarette Smoke

In particular, the Peace Lily includes a great option if you are a smoker or reside with one and you wish to decrease the effects of cigarette smoke upon other people in the home.

Humidifying the Air

Plants include natural humidifiers, and breathe moisture inside the air we breathe—that’s useful for preventing dryness within the throat, skin, lips, and nose, and may help stave off flu and cold symptoms.

Improved Sleep

The Gerbera daisy isn’t simply a gorgeous flower, it is a great oxygen producer and an excellent addition to the bedroom to assist in improving sleep.

Improved Mental Health

Animals aren’t permitted in many places, yet plants include an excellent alternative.

Sharper Mental Acuity and Focus

By boosting the oxygen within the air you breathe and eliminating pollutants, plants will improve your memory and concentration, increase your attention and improve creativity.

Ailment Treatment

Aloe Vera is an excellent first aid for burns, whereas Arnica and Comfrey may assist with sprains and bruises, Calendula will heal wounds and soothe skin, and Chamomile will soothe upset stomachs.

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