Having Fun with Window Treatments in Vista, CA

One of the ways to breathe new life into a room is to change the window treatments in Vista, CA. When making the change, be open to trying something new and different. Many people are surprised at how much treatments in different designs and colors will help to enhance the other elements within the space.

Going with a Different Design

Begin the search for new window treatments in Vista, CA by considering a different design. For example, it may be time to retire those older cornice boards and opt for a look that is simpler and more airy. Forget the Bishop’s Sleeves and consider the use of simple panels outfitted with grommets. This particular approach works well in terms of making it easy to open and close the panels. In addition, the use of a decorating rod will not interfere with the simplicity of the treatment.

Choosing New Colors

Treatments that sport different colors will add some zest to the windows, and also transform the way that the eye perceives the other elements in the room. A good trick to consider is scouting the room and identifying three colors that appear in very small amounts. Those colors can come from a pillow pattern, one of the pieces of wall art within the space, or even from items like book spines and candlesticks that are used within the space.

Using these minor colors for the new window treatments will help to make those colors more prominent in the room. To the eye, this will slightly alter the look of that throw pillow or the way that the colors in the area rug appear. In this way, those new treatments will make some of the older pieces look a little fresher.

Remembering the Practical Aspects

While the look is important, the treatments must also be functional. When desired, they must be easy to close in order to block direct sunlight or to provide some privacy. Consider including elements like vertical or horizontal blinds in the treatment, or possibly even a shade of some sort. Doing so can make it much easier to let in lots of light when desired, and to close the treatment when a cozier atmosphere is right for the occasion. Keep in mind that working with professionals like Affordable Window Coverings will make it all the easier to explore multiple options and come up with the perfect idea for the treatments.

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