Graduate From Campus Life to Sacramento Life On Your Terms and Time

Sacramento is popular for college students because of its beautiful weather, cultural scene, and international population. Campus housing is a wise choice for the first year of college, and the safest option for out of town students. However, the perfect place to move up to is a nearby student-friendly apartment complex.

Focus on Studies

Incoming college freshmen, especially those from other states, need Sac State student housing to start off strong. It keeps them near their classrooms, study halls, and labs. They won’t waste time commuting or wind up late for lectures and exams.

Connect With Other Students

Support from friends and like minds gets students through college stresses. When they move from that community, they lose study partners and teammates. You can have grilling facilities and a refreshing pool right near campus when you want to host the study break.

Get Help When You Need It

Sac State student housing employs people who understand college students. A friendly staff is always there to help with packages, lockouts, and visitors. They’re part of the college community.

Stay Safe, Day or Night

Your college years should be the best time of your life. However, no one would blame you for leaving fun gatherings early if it’s dark or your commute is long. When Sac State student housing is your apartment complex, you can always relax you will get home safely.

Move up to your new adult stage in life with a tour of the smart, convenient student apartments at Lark Sacramento.

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