Good Reasons for the Popularity of Buffalo Wings in Springfield MO

Chicken wings used to be looked down upon, with many assuming that they included too little of substance to be worth bothering with. Since then, chicken wings have become some of the most popular of appetizers of all, not least in Springfield and other area cities.

There are many good reasons for the impressive popularity of Buffalo wings in Springfield MO, just about all of which should resonate with most diners. Check out and it will become clear that properly prepared chicken wings simply have a great deal to offer.

Many Reasons to Order and Enjoy Delicious Buffalo Wings

Chicken wings were first widely put to use in the United States by Chinese-American restaurateurs looking for interesting ways to use an inexpensive ingredient. One restaurant in Buffalo, New York that focused on homey cuisine then put a new spin on the wing that soon turned it into a superstar.

So-called “Buffalo wings” have since become favorites of diners all over the country. Locals and visitors enjoy chicken wings prepared in this distinctive style as much as anyone else. Some of the reasons why so many diners so consistently order Buffalo wings in Springfield MO include their:

  • Crunchiness: One of the striking things about chicken wings is how much skin they feature relative to the amount of meat lurking underneath. Even an especially plump miniature drumstick will have a much higher ratio of skin to meat than will its full-size compatriot. When properly crisped up before being sauced, all that skin makes for a textural delight that few can resist.
  • Tanginess: The original Buffalo wing dressing recipe includes nothing but a vinegar-based hot sauce and melted butter. In addition to being a bit spicy, the former adds some acidity that helps balance out the richness of the latter and the wings themselves. That makes for a surprisingly complex flavor profile for such a simple-seeming dish.

Excellent Buffalo Wings are Readily Available in Springfield

Some Buffalo wing enthusiasts insist that only in the homeland of the fabled appetizer can truly great ones be obtained. Certain local restaurants regularly prove such elitists wrong by turning out Buffalo wings that are every bit as delicious as the originals.

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