Getting on Top of Your Basement’s Moisture Problem in Fairfax, Virginia

Official United States government statistics show that roughly two out of every five homes in the United States have a basement. Although they offer serious utility to homeowners, they are prone to welcoming moisture, which leads to other problems. Here are some must-know things about residential basement waterproofing in Fairfax VA.

Understanding Statistics About Basements and Moisture

Did you know that some 60% of basements have a problem with blocking out moisture? What about the fact that the lion’s share of not-so-new homes is equipped with insufficient means of basement waterproofing? With these statistics in mind, it’s easy to understand just how important checking for moisture problems and promptly responding to them is.

Using Waterproof Paint Is a Good Idea

Most basements aren’t painted. Residential basement walls are typically gray thanks to the concrete they’re made out of. Painting your basement’s walls with a high-quality waterproofing paint serves a dual purpose of preventing moisture problems from manifesting themselves and making your basement feel more lived-in, welcoming, and warm.

Sealants Go Under Paint No Matter What

Never attempt to carry out residential basement waterproofing in Fairfax VA with hydraulic cement and other similar filling materials on top of painted walls. You’re simply wasting your time if you do this. Fill cracks first, then paint. If you develop problems in the future, turn to more serious basement waterproofing methods.

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