Get Straighter Teeth With Help From an Orthodontist

Over the past few years, you may have become increasingly bothered by your crooked teeth. Now that you are an adult, it may be something you would like to change. You may have noticed how often people see your teeth, especially if you have to talk to different people on a daily basis while you are at work. It is never too late to see an orthodontist in Highland Park to find out what types of straightening options are best for you.

Straightening in a Discreet Way

If you are a bit older, you may feel embarrassed about wearing metal braces because they are extremely noticeable. Although there is nothing wrong with the metal braces, there are other options that allow you to straighten your teeth in a discreet manner. Lippitz Orthodontics offers an innovative option that is comfortable to wear and quite convenient to have when it is time to eat, drink or even brush your teeth. The innovative option is known as Invisalign.

The Convenience of Clear Removable Braces

If you wanted to straighten your teeth with this convenient and effective option, the cosmetic dentist would need to take several molds of your teeth. Those molds are used to create plastic aligners that you would place on top of your teeth, wearing them for most of the day and night. Unlike metal braces, you would be able to remove them when you wanted to eat something or properly brush and floss. Once you are finished eating or brushing, you could put them right back on to continue with the straightening process.

If you are tired of having crooked teeth, an orthodontist in Highland Park may be able to assist you by providing a number of straightening options to you. Some of these options may include traditional braces and clear braces that you can take off at certain times. Knowing more about the different options available to you at Lippitz Orthodontics is the first step to receiving the kind of services you need to straighten your teeth.

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