Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Fabrication in Kent WA

Metal fabrication is an important aspect for many businesses and industry purposes. However, Metal Fabrication Kent WA is a pretty in-depth topic that can generate a lot of varying questions. Here are some of the most oft-asked ones, answered by leading experts.

Q: Is it possible to weld mild steel to stainless steel?

A: Absolutely, as long as certain safety precautions are followed. According to Specialty Metals, the stainless steel should not be of a variety that is prone to sensitization. This is because the corrosion resistance that is the natural aspect of stainless steel may become compromised from the welding.

Q: What is meant by TIG welding and MIG welding?

A: TIG refers to a process of welding that involves an arc being formed between a tungsten electrode and the metal that is being welded. It is usually used when precision welding is required. MIG refers to a welding process that involves metal inert gas. This is most commonly used where the welding has a high rate of deposition, such as when working with spool-fed wire.

Q: How many different methods are there of cutting steel for Metal Fabrication Kent WA?

A. Quite a few actually. Here are the most popular cutting methods:

• Cold-sawing is done by either a band saw or a rotary saw and is limited only by the size of the machine housing the saw.

• Flame cutting uses oxygen-acetylene in general metal cutting applications such as beveling and edge-preparation. This method can be guided by a machine or by hand. It is virtually limitless in scope.

• Laser cutting is done for plate cutting and can be limited by the thickness of the plate.

• Plasma cutting is also done mainly on plates and is most effective on thicknesses of up to 1 inch.

• Shearing is usually done by machine presses and is most useful for cutting angles in plates. It is only limited by the size of the machine.

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