Frequently Asked Questions About Hydraulic Hoses in Chicago

Hydraulic hoses are widely used in industrial and mining operations. In fact, they are so prevalent that they almost fly under the radar and are rarely thought of on an individual application basis. However, there are still many questions that may be asked in regards to Hydraulic Hoses in Chicago.

Q. Is there a difference between single wire braid hydraulic hoses and double wire braid hydraulic hoses?

A. For general purpose uses, single wire braid is the best solution. It is very workable and consists of high tensile steel wire. As a result of its composition, the double braid is not needed. However, if the application of the hose places it under extreme duress or leaves it working in an environment that is especially corrosive, the double braid will be needed.

Q. Are all Hydraulic Hoses in Chicago manufactured to the specifications of SAE J517?

A. While SAE J517 is without a doubt the standard for hydraulic hoses that are manufactured today, there are other varieties available. Most manufacturers are more than willing to design and make hydraulic hoses that exactly meet their client’s specifications, whether they meet SAE J517 guidelines or not.

Q. How do wire braided hoses and spiral wire hoses differ?

A. Wire braided hoses are used mainly in construction equipment and trucks of a heavy-duty nature. They are often valued because of their impressive flexibility. Spiral wire hoses are resistant to abrasion and work well under extremely high pressures. They are mainly used in conjunction with earth movers and other pieces of extremely powerful equipment.

Q. How much do hydraulic hoses cost?

A. This depends entirely on the amount and type of hydraulic hose that is being ordered. Another factor that will come into play is the shipping method and where the inventory is being shipped to.

To get a price quote or to ask about manufacturing specifics about hydraulic hoses, contact a reliable and experienced company such as Miller Hydraulic Service Inc. A knowledgeable and friendly staff will eagerly answer any questions that are posed. They can also offer advice on what type of hose will work best for the application being used.

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