Frequently Asked Questions About A Solar Photovoltaic System In Maui

Homeowners who want to explore different environmentally friendly options for their home should consider a Solar Photovoltaic System in Maui. By installing a solar electric system, homeowners will be using less electricity and saving money on their electric bill. Learn more exciting information about solar electric by reading the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) Does a photovoltaic system have a long lifespan?

A.) Photovoltaic systems normally last a long time because they’re very durable and they don’t have any moving parts. Most homeowners can expect their solar electric systems to last between 20 and 25 years.

Q.) What size solar electric system is needed to power a home?

A.) The answer to this question depends on many things including the dimensions of the roof and the amount of electricity that’s used on a daily basis. Before choosing a system, homeowners will have to decide if they’ll use the system for their total energy use or as a supplementary source of electricity. Homeowners can discuss their needs and the available options with a professional solar installation company, such as The Sonshine Solar Corp.

Q.) Can homeowners save money by installing the solar panels themselves?

A.) It is possible for homeowners to install their own solar panels, but it might not be a great idea. Unless a homeowner is experienced, the installation of solar panels should be left to a professional company. When professionals do the job, they can do it faster, more efficiently and the job will be done right. Before installing the solar panels, the installation company will give the homeowner an estimate for the job so the cost can be added onto the total price.

Q.) Do the installers place the solar panels on the roof of the house?

A.) Most solar panels are placed on the roof of a homeowner’s house, but if this isn’t possible, a Solar Photovoltaic System in Maui can be mounted elsewhere. For various reasons, some homeowners choose to have ground mounted panels.

Purchasing a solar photovoltaic system will help homeowners make a smooth transition to environmentally friendly home power options. With the installation of a solar electric system, Hawaii residents will become eligible for tax credits from the state and federal governments.

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