Four Telling Signs That a Home Is Probably Infested With Rodents

Pests enjoy warm spaces and easy access to nourishment and shelter. So, if there is a question as to whether a home has been infested with rodents, it probably has. Here are four revealing signs that pests are occupying a home space.

1. Weird Noises

Unlike most insects, rodents aren’t the quietest creatures. Unexpected noises, especially during nighttime, may reveal that a house is a home to a few uninvited guests. Hearing squeaking, scratching, rambling, and other sounds of life should warrant a phone call to an service that does animal removal in Jackson, NJ.

2. Food That Is Tampered With

All living beings need food and water to survive. So, finding knaw marks, spills, and open containers are telltale signs that rodents are feasting off of a home’s resources.

3. Dead Pests

Where there is life, there must be death. Running across a dead pest or two indicates that there is more to be discovered. Also, rodents reproduce at rapid rates, so before long, a home can be overrun by an infestation.

4. Animal Remainings

Rodents are skilled at hiding out, but they have a way of leaving behind physical proof of their existence. Finding random body parts, furballs, urine, feces, and grease spots should warn that there is a need for animal removal in Jackson, NJ.

Rodents won’t go away on their own. Call Freehold Pest Control to remove these nuisances and restore peace of mind.

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