Float, Ride Around, or Party With Friends on a Fun Inflatable Tube

Not so long ago, tubes people floated around on the lakes and rivers were big old black innertubes that came from trucks or tractors. My, how times have changed. Today, there are tubes specially designed for towing, as lounges and pool floats, and lake and river tubes. Every conceivable color scheme in the spectrum can be found, with designs and rider capacities that can satisfy anyone’s tastes and preferences.

Riding Solo or in a Big Group Is Easy Now

Though the greater number of inflatable tube options on the market are designed for one or two people, there are tubes now available that can accommodate up to 10 people. Quite the social meeting or party place, soaking in the sun while hanging out with friends.

Some Rather Unique Tubes

One rather fun way to spend time with others (up to six people) is the Stadium Islander. Over 8 feet 5 inches in diameter, there is a 14-inch outer ring that is a great backrest. The seats are comfortable, made of mesh, and the center is open, making it easy to get on and off. If you want to tie off to a dock or other fixed area, a large reinforced grommet is built into the tube, with a 10-foot rope included.

To really bring the party out on the water, check out the Octo Island. With seating up to six, this has a large table in the middle with a central cooler. It has high backrests, making seating very comfortable. And for beverage convenience, each seat has a cup holder. This too has a tie-off grommet.

The Island Table is similar in construction and composition to the Octo Island but has a seating capacity of four. It also features a large central cooler, recessed cup holder and high-back backrests with straddle seating.

So, if inflatable tubes may interest you, check out the wide variety of fun and functional ones out on the market now. Take a lazy drift, speed around behind a boat, or even have a party out on the water. Whatever you do, you’re sure to have a great time doing it.

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