Five Benefits of Hiring a Direct Marketing Firm

More than 42 percent of all recipients at least read or scanned direct mail pieces they received, according to Small Business Trends, which is much higher than many other types of advertising media. People can also read information they receive by mail at their own convenience. If you’re thinking about doing a mailing to get more business, you should consider using a direct marketing service. Following are some advantages to doing so.


Most Direct Marketing San Francisco agencies have many years of experience putting direct mail campaigns together and sending them to potential clients. Some may have even worked in your industry, so they know the types of campaigns that work. They also know the “hot buttons” of the executives or managers to get them to act.

Save Money

It would cost you much more to send out a direct mailing on your home. You’d need to procure a mailing list, purchase envelopes and paper, print the materials, collate them and mail them. A direct marketing firm will have all these things available, plus they can save you a tremendous amount on postage with bulk mailings.

Better Response Rate

Your Direct Marketing San Francisco firm can create copy that is much more impactful than anything you could create. They also know how to better target the mailings to get your pieces to the right audience and decision maker.

More Sales

Because your direct mail expert can increase your response rates, you’ll receive many more leads. All you have to do is follow up with these people and close them. But, ultimately, you’ll generate more sales if you maintain your typical conversion rates.

Measurable ROI

Your Direct Marketing San Francisco team can key your order forms or postcards so you can track the mailings from which responses are elicited. This will enable you to calculate your profit on each mailing.

If you’re interested in adding direct mail to your marketing mix, then drop us a line. We’re standing by to answer any questions, and, most importantly, to help you get your mail opened.

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