Finding the Right Nursing Home for Your Family Member That Provides Care

When it’s time to begin looking at nursing homes for a family member, there are a few details that you want to consider so that you choose the best one. An administrator will usually show you around the facility and assist with the process of moving your loved one into the home. However, there are some details to check off beforehand so that the proper documents are in order and to ensure that your family member is in the best health for going to a nursing home in Rockland County, NY.

Doctor’s Orders

Get a recommendation or direct order from the person’s doctor. This is usually the first step in looking for a nursing home, especially if there are medical issues that are of concern. Once you have the orders in place, you can begin looking for a facility that offers the level of care that your loved one needs. The order will usually include medications and treatments that are to be provided, which is something that you need to discuss with the administrator when you take a tour.


Take a tour of multiple facilities before deciding on what you feel is the best nursing home in Rockland County, NY. The homes should have the proper licenses and have enough workers for the number of residents who are there. Talk to each home about emergency plans, the special types of care that are given, and activities that are provided for the residents.


Speak with some of the residents and some of the workers in the facility. Pay attention to their demeanor and whether they seem to feel comfortable in the nursing home. If it looks like they don’t want to be there or if it seems as though most of the residents stay in bed all the time, then consider looking at other facilities before making a final decision.

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