Finding the Right Chicago-Based Product Branding Firm

In the competitive world of product branding, it’s difficult to find a product design firm Chicago can trust to provide the best strategy for a product launch. It requires design teams that use business-minded approaches, a range of creative talent, and successful experience. Results must also reach the proper audience(s) and express the brand. Renowned design firms offer a holistic approach using several key elements in a coherent methodology.

Strategy and Innovation

Well-rounded design firms are experts in facilitating consumer insight research and trend analyses. Without such information, your targets could be misaligned. Other important parts of the strategy process include brand positioning, industry immersion, communication strategies, and more. 

Brand Identity

Any brand should create a connection with its audience that lasts. However, much goes into creating the right identity, including a proper assessment, visual language, design, and stewardship. If your brand is not easily identifiable with your target consumers, then chances are your competitors will be.

Tangible Element Development

It’s not only important to incorporate a well-thought design into a brand, but creative packaging design, structural design development, and design implementation services. These phases explore all brand assets and how they are manufactured, palleted, and marketing.

Implementation and Prototyping

Effective branding agencies finalize the development process with detailed implementation and prototyping/mockup work. Production art, proofing, compliance, testing, and many more activities comprise this phase. Even if a branding idea is outstanding, it can ruin an entire marketing campaign if it is not properly presented.

Kaleidoscope is a brand strategy and product design firm Chicago is proud of. With a holistic approach, Kaleidoscope provides end-to-end solutions for companies that have a local and global scope and everything else in between. They have branded some of the most recognized products in the marketplace today.

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