Finding and Purchasing Insurance in New Orleans for Your New Truck

So, you took your stimulus check and bought a brand-new truck to drive around New Orleans? Good for you! Now, all you need is auto insurance to protect that new truck. Auto insurance companies in New Orleans are a dime a dozen, so choosing one may prove to be more difficult than the time you spent picking out your new truck! Here’s how to sift through all of the auto insurance companies in New Orleans to find the right one for your truck.

Choose a Local Insurance Agent That Knows Trucks

On paper, a truck is a truck. But you know that your truck is more than just a truck, it’s your vehicle for personal use and probably your vehicle for business use. It’s probably your vehicle for major recreational use, as wll. You want an insurance agent that’s local to New Orleans and knows trucks. You also want insurance that covers your truck regardless of what you use it for.

Choose an Insurance Agent That Allows You to Buy Online

Smaller insurance companies and local insurance companies might insist on a face-to-face meeting. When that just isn’t your style, you need a company and an agent that offers online insurance policy purchases. Yes, you still want an agent you can talk to over the phone or in-person, and yes, you want them to be local so you don’t have to dial long-distance or toll-free. To get a quote or buy a policy online, contact Dan Burghardt Insurance at

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