Finding A Trust-Worthy Towing Company

Whether you require regular vehicle transport or are in need of emergency roadside assistance, the importance of finding a reliable towing and recovery provider cannot be overstated. Consider the following in your decision:

Commercial v Passenger Service

While the market may be inundated with towing providers, few are equipped to handle the unique needs of larger trucks and trailers. Whether you helm a commercial- or industrial-sized vehicle, ensure the safety of both cab and crew with the expert eye and practiced hand of a trained big truck professional.

Reputation and Longevity

For all their guts and gusto, a newer company is less likely to have the expertise required to manage big truck recovery and repair. Lean towards established providers with a record for excellence, and sift through online reviews to ensure that the community speaks as highly of service as the company attests. If you know you have a long trek ahead, familiarize yourself with local providers before you go.

For all things big truck recovery and repair, B&L Recovery and Towing is your go-to provider in and around New Jersey. With a reputation for excellence since 1973, our fleet of wreckers, flatbeds, and specialized towing vehicles are equipped to help you and your rig when you need it the most.

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