Features to Discuss with Custom Home Builders in Asheville, NC, for Your Custom Home

Building a custom home is everyone’s preference because it helps stand out and the homeowners can plan and build everything according to their preferences. However, there are various features that must be added to the custom home to increase its value.

Two-Story Foyer

The foyer is an important part of every home, but not every house has a two-story foyer. If you have hired the custom home builders in Asheville NC, for building a multi-story home, it’s suggested to choose a floor plan that accommodates a two-story foyer. The foyer can be decorated with a large art piece and an elegant chandelier, making it a focal point for your home.

Accent Walls

If you are building a family home, it’s important to create an accent wall in the family room and use interesting patterns or textures. For instance, you can use bright-colored wall paint or use textured wallpaper. In addition, you can cover the wall with intricate wood panels to add an edge to the room.

Kitchen Nook

Every home has a dining table, but a kitchen nook is a cozier option. You can use the kitchen’s free space to create a breakfast nook. This nook will help add the design flair and maximize the space while helping you save money on dining tables and chairs.

Innovative Stairs

Usually, people put the stairs on the side and cover them with carpet, but it’s not in trend anymore. You can ask the custom home builders in Asheville, NC, to build stairs with glass or wooden slabs with glass railing. This is because these are modern stairs that will become a valuable addition to your home.

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