Facts About Bail Bondsman In Tyler, TX

In Texas, bail bondsmen provide a bail bond to any criminal defendant that is required to pay bail. The defendant must be assigned a bail value before he or she approaches a bonding agent. A local Bail Bondsman in Tyler TX can assist criminal defendants who are eligible for release from the county jail.

Examining the Types of Bail Bonds

The standard bail bond is used for most criminal defendants who want to get out of jail. A federal bail bond is reserved for individuals who are charged with federal crimes only. An immigration bail bond is secured for illegal immigrants who are facing deportation. The immigration bond is the riskiest of the bail bonds since the defendant could leave the country and avoid prosecution.

What Defendants Need to Get a Bond

Defendants who need to secure a bail bond must provide the bondsman with their full name and booking number. The name of the facility where they are being held should also be provided, too. Some bondsmen may need the individual’s birth date or social security number. All details must be provided before the bail bond is processed.

Providing Payments for the Bond

The bondman explains the exact value of the bail bond according to the percentage they charge. The percentage required for the bail bond could range up to fourteen percent as outlined in county laws. The bondsman must receive the full payment requested before the defendant is released from the county jail.

The Provisions of the Bail Bond

The defendant must follow the terms of their release as explained by their bondsman and the correctional officers. Any violation of the terms could lead to additional charges and revocation of the bail bond. The defendant won’t acquire a new bond if they violate the terms.

In Texas, bail bondsmen provide assistance for criminal defendants who are eligible for bail. In most cases, the defendant must attend an arraignment to receive a bail value. The judge determines if the defendant is considered a flight risk and assigns the bail value according to the crime committed. Defendants who need the services of a Bail Bondsman in Tyler TX are encouraged to visit Sitename right now. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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