Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair in Wichita, Kansas

An individual or couple who is away from home a lot on business may return to the residence on a Friday evening only to find that the furnace is malfunctioning. If the weather is cold, this may result in a need for emergency furnace repair in Wichita Kansas. Depending on how long the appliance has been off, the temperature in the house may have dropped to a disturbingly low level. If exterior temperatures are below freezing, it’s best not to delay and head to a motel for the weekend.

Moisture should not develop on the home’s walls over a weekend at interior temperatures below freezing, but houseplants will not survive. Perhaps the biggest problem with allowing interior temperatures to drop below freezing is the risk of plumbing pipes freezing and breaking. In fact, plumbing pipes along poorly insulated walls and inside cabinets along those walls are at risk of freezing even if the interior temperature is still relatively warm. No heat coming from the registers in the house increase this risk. Pipes in crawl spaces also are very vulnerable to the problem. There typically is not a heat vent in the crawl space, but the pipes normally can stay warm enough because of warm furnace ductwork in this area.

If the home’s residents must stay there for the weekend, then prompt Furnace Repair in Wichita Kansas is desirable unless they have an effective backup source of heat. A fireplace can keep the immediate area around it warm, for example, but the rest of the building will still be very cold. A high-quality ceramic space heater in one or two rooms also can allow the residents to delay repair until regular business hours. If the household does not own any space heaters and someone has to go buy them, it could make more sense to pay for an emergency heating repair. A lot of factors must be taken into consideration by the people living in the home before deciding whether to contact Kelley and Dawson Service immediately or whether to wait until Monday morning. Nevertheless, it’s reassuring to know that emergency repair service is always available.

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