Experience The Freedom Of Managed VPS Hosting

For most businesses, shared hosting services are ineffective and potentially damaging. Shared services can lead to slow page loading, problems with access for end-users, and issues with the performance of the site that causes online customers to simply choose another site to do business with.

By upgrading to a managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting program, a small business without an in-house IT department can compete with even the large corporations by providing an online experience for their customers that is seamless, speedy and offers 100% uptime.

There are several misconceptions about managed VPS hosting that may be holding small business owners back from upgrading their hosting plan. Taking a closer look at the value this hosting option offers can help to understand how this service can help your business.

Increased Control

With a managed VPS hosting from a top hosting service, the business owner has all the control and options of having their own dedicated server, but none of the upkeep, maintenance, and hardware management considerations.

This is ideal to be able to add security layers, prioritize specific processes through the VPS and even to use the operating system that works best for your software applications. At the same time, the business owner can easily manage the system through a convenient WHM/Cpanel dashboard, which is intuitive and straightforward to use.


The choice of a recognized, reputable managed VPS hosting plan also provides the small business owner with 24/7/365 support. This includes the option to talk directly with tech support, send emails or even use an online chat system for fast response to immediate issues. Support is often not a primary consideration in choosing a package, but it can be critical if you experience technical problems and need immediate troubleshooting assistance.

It is important to compare these factors, as well as bandwidth, storage space, security and redundancy in the system to choose the best possible solution.

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