Effective Use Of Competitive Intelligence In Florida Litigation

Small to large companies across the United States and around the world use competitive intelligence or the use of Big Data, in all aspects of their business. By knowing not only what they plan to do, but how their competitors and their customers are responding to changes in the market, they are able to retain their market position and even expand and grow.

In the last few years, law firms have finally become more accepting of the use of data in their marketing, strategy, and even litigation methods. Today, the top law firms in Florida are using competitive intelligence in litigation as well as more effectively communicating to their clients about their strategic approach to the case.

Knowing the Judge

The best attorney’s in Florida have always researched and gathered information about any judge they appear before. This was often done anecdotally by speaking to other attorney’s in the firm or even comparing notes with colleagues from outside of the firm.

Some firms even had researchers reviewing past court dockets and finding out information about how judges responded and ruled on specific motions, what types of case law the judge’s preferred and the experience and expertise the judge had on a specific area of the law.

Now, with legal analytics firms, this competitive intelligence in litigation is available through a simple online ordering process. The analytics firm uses algorithms and artificial intelligence programs to sort through large databases and online documents to find trends in how a judge rules in specific types of motions and legal actions.

Additionally, these reports track the judge’s workload, the time for a case to move through the court, how the judge rules on specific types of bench cases, and what case law the judge prefers. Data on other attorneys’ perspectives of the judge from past cases, analysis of peremptory challenges against the judge and even how the judge rules in comparison to other Florida judges can all be found in comprehensive reporting with competitive intelligence in litigation.

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