Easy Decorating For Your Cakes

Decorating your cake is often the best part. You get to bring your creativity to the confection that you’ve made. Before getting started, you need to ensure that you have all of the decorating supplies that you need, such as a pastry bag, various types of tips for the bag so that you can make designs, and even a few cutting utensils so that you get straight edges.

When you’re investing in decorating supplies, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little money so that you get items that will last. You don’t want to use something a few times and have to spend more money replacing it after a few months just because it’s a less expensive brand or made of a material that won’t hold up to cake decorating. Try to make your own icing for decorating cakes if at all possible. You’ll know what’s in the icing and have better flavors, especially if you add something besides vanilla or chocolate. You have more control over the colors of your icing as well when you make your own.

Unless you know that your cake needs a specific shape, then you need to make each layer is as level as possible. This will make it easier to apply icing and decorations as the details won’t slide around everywhere. If you aren’t good at drawing designs, then print the image that you want on a piece of parchment paper. You can then place the paper on top of the cake and use piping gel over the image so that it transfers to the cake. Invest in a turntable that you can put your cake on while you’re decorating. It will be easier to reach all of the sides without having to lift your tools so that you can turn the cake.

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