Do You Need Pavement Resurfacing in Norwich, CT?

As you weigh your options for pavement resurfacing, you’ll probably hear a lot of terms that are new to you. Typically, the terms you will hear refer to the actual surface of your driveway. The most common surfaces are pavement and asphalt, which are the ones you are most likely to see. However, there is another option that many people find very useful. That option is a tar and chip driveway.

What are Tar and Chip?

You’re probably not familiar with the term “tar and chip,” but you have most likely seen some these driveways. They are popular because they are less expensive than pavement or asphalt and require very little maintenance. When you look for pavement resurfacing in Norwich, CT, you should ask about tar and chip.

How it Works

The process of creating a tar and chip driveway is simple. You will hear about it when searching for pavement resurfacing because it can be done over an existing driveway, provided the existing surface is in relatively decent condition.

You can visit us to find out more about the process, but it’s pretty straightforward. A layer of gravel is laid, which is standard for most surfaces, then the gravel is smoothed. Next, a layer of hot asphalt is poured over the gravel – this is the “tar” aspect of the tar and chip. Lastly, stones are added to the hot asphalt and rolled into it – this is the “chip” part.

Tar and chip driveways do not require seal coating like normal asphalt. The biggest impediment will be finding a good contractor who is actually capable of doing the work. There are not many contractors who have the tools and the ability to pour a tar and chip driveway, though if you can find one, you should definitely consider working with them to beautify your driveway.

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