Do You Need Help From a Social Security Disability Law Firm?

When an injured or ill person is unable to work due to a complete disability, it is their right as an American citizen to file for disability benefits. Although individuals have the right to file for benefits, this does not always mean they will be approved. Many people end up being denied when they first file. Those who are denied or need help in filing for their benefits are urged to contact the Chattanooga Social Security Disability law firm.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney is not a requirement for those who want to file for disability, but many people feel more comfortable getting legal help. When an attorney is hired from the very beginning, the Social Security Disability law firm will help their client fill out all of the paperwork and ensure they are providing the Administration with all of the medical backings that has been requested.

Needless delays can be avoided when a disabled person hires an attorney to help them. These attorneys are fully aware of the laws that govern disability in the United States and they can help disabled persons seek the disability benefits they are deserving of.

If a disabled applicant is denied their benefits, they have the right to appeal the decision. The attorney will help their client through each step of the appeal process, which first begins with an informal request to have the application reviewed.

Get Help For Your Appeal

If a disabled person has been denied the benefits they have applied for, there is legal help available. After the initial appeal, a formal appeal can be launched. A formal appeal involves a hearing before an administrative law judge. This judge is responsible for making the decision on whether or not the individual is eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits.

If you are in need of legal help with your disability claim in Chattanooga, TN, visit McCarthy, Murphy, & Preslar, P.C.

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