Disability Claims Attorneys in Temecula, CA Can Help Those Who Have Been Denied

A person puts in a lot of time working for a living and suddenly gets hurt or is unable to work, he or she should be able to get social security disability. Social security was put in place to supplement the income of a retired person, but if that person doesn’t make it to the age of retirement before he or she is unable to work, the money should be there. There are Disability Claims Attorneys in Temecula CA who will help denied individuals get their rightful compensation. Here are some things to know about social security disability.

What to Know about Social Security Disability

In order to qualify for social security disability payments, the claimant must meet the disability review board’s definition of disabled, and not just what the doctor says. The illness or injury must be expected to continue for at least 12 months, or the illness or injury must be expected to end in death. The individual must also have worked enough to have the right to collect disability payments. All of these are things that will be discussed with the disability attorney.

Other Things to Consider about Social Security Disability

If an individual is going to be approved for social security disability, there are certain other family members who will qualify to receive a payment as well. The individual’s spouse, the minor child or children, and disabled children (including an adult child who became disabled before turning 22). Depending on the severity of the disabling condition, and the chance of improvement, the disability review board will review the claimant’s case every six months to up to seven years. A qualified attorney can help the claimant get the best possible outcome.

Who Can Help in Temecula, California

Eric R. Hunt, Attorney at Law has been providing social security disability solutions for clients in the Temecula, California for over 29 years. The attorney deals specifically with social security disability cases, and helps clients also with supplemental security income (SSI). If an individual needs to speak with Disability Claims Attorneys in Temecula CA, the attorney is available. Get more information by visiting the website at Erichuntattorney.com.

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