Different Types of Floor Plans in Hattiesburg MS

It is the dream of many individuals to one day own a house of their own and leave the rentals. However, building one can be a daunting task especially when choosing Floor Plans Hattiesburg MS. You will have to do some research on the various plans that are there and how they work for different individuals before you can make your decision.

Bungalow floor plan
This type of house requires a comfortable and not too exaggerated style. It is quite common with many Americans. Compared to other Floor Plans Hattiesburg MS, they are considerably small but comfortable and accommodating since the living room is spacious and well set. Looking at the roof, it is quite low, and the rafters and beams are not covered with a ceiling. Moreover, the porches are quite big but with narrow four sided columns.

Colonial floor plan
They are very elegant looking besides them having a touch of historical aspects. They were borrowed from the early American settlements of the east coast. It is most common in England, Georgia and other countries too. In this symmetrical plan, the doors are centered, and there is usually a long array of windows. Those houses with many floors have the second floor the same as the ground floor in terms of the size and the design. In this type of house, you will get modern equipment and other facilities.

Countryside floor plan
This plan is similar to the quintessential farmhouses common in movies. It is a common design for country homes so as to make the comfortable. The floor gives a rustic yet comfortable aura no matter the region where it stands. The porch is large and spacious as well as the kitchen too which is right next to the sitting room. The roof could be a step shaped and the shape of the building irregular. The house could have a front face, but the floors are not necessarily symmetrical.

Ranch floor plan
It is a conventional style. The roof is often low, and the garage is attached to the house. They have just one story. The facade wooden or made of bricks. They are mostly L-shaped halls having the dining and living room together with a hallway leading to the bedrooms.

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