Different Types Of Area Rug Cleaners

Area rug cleaning in Cypress TX is not all that difficult, the best solution is to give the rug frequent vacuuming and make sure that any spills are cleaned up as soon as they happen. These simple steps can keep a rug in good condition for a long time but eventually it will have to be deep cleaned and as such you will need a rug cleaner. To ensure that you get the best possible results it is important that you know which products are available.

Carpets and rugs can be cleaned using the same products; powder, foam, and steam. Area rug cleaning in Cypress TX however has one additional method and that is complete immersion washing and centrifugal extraction, this is possible of course as an area rug can be easily taken up for washing. Let’s have a quick look at all of these methods:

Powders: Powders are simply sprinkled on the rug or carpet and left for about 15 minutes and then the powder is vacuumed up. The powder is formulated to act like a dirt magnet, pulling the dust and dirt out of the fibers. Powders do not have to be given time to dry so they are ideal for quick cleanups. Some of the cleaning powders available are scented which helps cover up pet odors, etc and some also contain brighteners which do no more than create the illusion that the rug is clean.

Foam: Foam is a material that can be mixed at home with warm water and then applied to the rug manually using a scrub brush. When the foam dries it reverts to a powder which can be vacuumed up. When professionals do the job they apply the foam with a machine, this material is quite effective in eliminating dirt, dust, etc.

Steam cleaning: This method is considered to be the best for carpets. Although this method is always called “steam cleaning” no steam is actually used but very hot water is. This hot water is sprayed on the carpet, loosening dirt and debris, following directly behind is a vacuum unit that immediately picks up the dirt.

Washing: Washing is the recommended system for oriental and area rug cleaning in Cypress TX. The rugs are washed in a machine which mimics the gentle motion of hand washing, the rugs are then put into a centrifuge which quickly extracts almost all the water saving considerable time and energy.

The Great American Rug Cleaning Co. are experts in oriental and area rug cleaning in Cypress TX. Using Centrum Force rug cleaning technology the company can insure that your rugs are washed and dried as they should be to ensure years of use.

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