Custom Cable Assemblies: Meeting Customer Needs

The elements can wreak havoc on wires and cables. They can disrupt service by creating conditions that are unfavorable to the effective operation of electronics. Moisture and heat play a considerable role in producing problems. Fortunately, these issues can be overcome by using cable assemblies or, better still, installing custom cable assemblies.

Why Customize?

As is the case with most products, customization is a means of ensuring the best fit between protection and product. Customized cable assemblies describe those types designed and fashioned to achieve the specifications and requirements of the customer. The intent is to

  • Provide cable assemblies suitable for the specific product e.g., medical, military
  • Create solutions where off-the-shelf or standard resolutions are not capable of providing the necessary and specified results
  • Ensure an ideal fit including size, width, and related characteristics
  • Look at the intended capabilities, function and system layout with the intent of producing a customized cable assembly
  • Prevent damage to the cables from any or all of the following adverse elemental features:

* Compression
* Dust
* Heat
* Moisture
* Sunlight
* Vibration

  • Make sure the option or solution is cost-effective from start to finish

Custom cable assemblies carefully address the needs for specific demands. To do so requires the company to communicate exactly what is involved and what they require to the manufacturer. Fabricators should also consult the customer about the specific material, the existing operational environment, and other related factors before accepting, designing, manufacturing and installing the cable assembly.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Each manufacturer has its own expectations when they install their cables and related equipment. They desire full optimal operational capacity at all times. The erosion of cables easily and quickly destroys this goal. However, by talking to professionals about fabricating and installing custom cable assemblies proceeds a long way to lowering the risk of what may be inevitable disruptions of production.

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