Contacting A Residential Roofing Company in Liberty MO

Black mold adheres to rooftop shingles in locations where moisture is abundant or humidity is high. Contacting a Residential Roofing Company in Liberty MO becomes necessary when damage from this type of mold is extensive. Here are some steps to take to protect asphalt from mold and mildew accumulation.

Limit The Amount Of Exposure To Moisture

While there is no way to stop precipitation from hitting a shingled rooftop completely, tending to tree limbs that hang over shingled areas will limit the possibility of saturation of roofing material. Dripping from tree limbs can cause damage to shingles over time and will eventually promote mold growth if saturation is not limited. Make it a priority to remove limbs yearly to help protect shingles.

Keep On Top Of Roof Cleaning

Debris that settles on shingles will accumulate moisture if it is not removed promptly. When a storm leaves the area, take a look at the top of the roof and remove any noticeable tree branches, leaves, or other debris. This will not only help in hindering the advancement of mold growth but will also help to keep the shingles from becoming discolored due to uneven fading or from the deterioration of their composition.

Consider Special Granulated Protectants Or Shingles

Copper is known to help keep mold at bay. Many homeowners invest in shingles made with copper granules within their composition to help keep a rooftop free of mold. Another alternative is to place a copper piece at the top of a pitched rooftop. When it rains, small granules are pulled away from the piece and they will glide over the shingles along with water runoff. These granules will protect shingles from mold growth effectively. Each of these options is available by contacting a roofing service to install them to the top of a structure.

To learn more about black mold growth on asphalt shingles, have repair work done, or get new materials installed, contacting a residential roofing company in Liberty MO is best. Visit us online to learn more about the many services we provide to our customers and to make an appointment.

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