Conquering Nerves When Charleston Wedding Bands Play the First Dance Song

If you were born with two left feet or lack natural rhythm, it’s easy to be nervous before your first dance on your wedding day. Being the center of action can make your first dance with your beloved feel like a nightmare, but following these tips can make you more comfortable as you hit the dance floor.

Get Professional Help

Hire a professional dance instructor or look for online lessons before the big day. Teachers are used to working with complete beginners and can offer simple moves that will instill confidence on the dance floor.

Pick the Right Song

Choosing a song that really resonates with you both can help calm nerves. Think about a song from your first date, the album that was the soundtrack of a special time or a tune that describes your relationship perfectly. When the first notes wash over you, let your emotions guide your feet.

Focus on Your Partner

Your partner is probably just as nervous as you to dance in front of your family and friends. Look into each other’s eyes and stay focused on each other and the moment. Before you know it, the song will be over.

Keep it Short

Choose a shorter song instead of a seven-minute anthem. Time may feel slower with all eyes focused on your dance moves. If the song you love is longer, simply ask the band to shorten it by a few bars.

The right Charleston wedding bands can help you get through the first dance easily. To learn more, contact Chris Dodson Music at

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