Common Uses for Carbon Fiber Strengthening in Chicago, IL

The use of carbon fiber strengthening in Chicago IL is mainly for the support of large structures. Constructing parking garages, restaurant decks, footbridges, as well as restoring historical buildings, are a few examples of where carbon fiber-wrap is ideal. In many structures built today, the material is included in the original blueprints. In older structures, it is employed to reinforce or extend the existing concrete.

Alone or In Conjunction

This method of providing strength and safety to a structure can be used as a sole support, or in conjunction with other supports, depending on the needs and design. Supplemental steel supports, expansion joint installation, and concrete replacement are also used to support different areas. Restoring a city plaza will require underground supports that have to be added to current supports. Carbon fiber strengthening in Chicago IL is perfect for this task. It includes corrosion protection so the supports will stand up to the temperatures and moisture content of the soil or support platform.


Historic buildings are renovated to preserve the look and integrity of the structure. Carbon fiber is ideal for this application as well because it is stronger and lighter than more traditional supports and strengthening materials. An established construction company that specializes in restoration, expansion, and renovations will be able to determine which supports suits the structure, the demands, and the budgets of such projects.

Assessments and Inspections

The first step in major projects is always an inspection of the current structure. This is completed to determine potential weaknesses, the extent of any damage, and what type of work has to be done in the past. A full assessment helps building owners and managers understand all the issues and begin planning for immediate and future costs as well as organizing the work.

Maintenance can be scheduled around the business operating hours, for times that are not as busy, or weekends. A host of options are available and can be outlined after the assessment process. Concrete replacement services, masonry repair, and external facades are also areas of expertise. To learn about services offered, experience, and past projects, as well as to set up an appointment, visit

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