Common Problems That Arise During Property Sales In Illinois

Real estate attorneys in Hampshire understand that there are a few things that could happen to impede the sale of a home or property in Illinois. They realize that the property may have a long history, and they do quite a lot of research to ensure these problems do not arise. Anything that comes up is met with the client’s best legal recourse to ensure a swift resolution.

Previous Ownership Or Liens

Previous owners may have a claim on the property, and they have a right to take control of the property if it is theirs. There may be liens on the property levied by the state that must be paid if the property is to be sold, and these issues must be resolved before the local government will approve the sale.

Boundary Disputes

A piece of land cannot be sold if the boundaries are not agreed upon. The property must have clear lines that both parties and the county agree on before the sale is completed. Real estate attorneys in Hampshire may do quite a lot of research to ensure they know the true boundary.

Easements and Encumbrances

Easements are restrictions placed on how land may be used. They may prevent the buyer from doing what they intended with the land. Encumbrances allow third parties to make use of the property, and a buyer typically does not want someone else to have access to their property.

Filing Troubles

Filing troubles may have seen documents misplaced or filed incorrectly that slow a sale. Real estate attorneys in Hampshire will work diligently to ensure all these hurdles have been cleared before the sale process begins.

Casement Group P.C. is a real estate and planning firm in Elgin, Illinois that knows how to help clients complete their transactions safely. They understand how to help clients avoid property problems that may arise, and they use this knowledge to guide clients through each sale.

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